The Most Shocking Articles You Will Ever Read

We’ve all seen them, and sometimes even clicked on them. Those articles on Facebook that are just so absurd and seem ridiculous. Like, you see them and you are so confused because why would someone write an article about that, but then you are guiltily really tempted to open it, and then you do, and then your Facebook account gets hacked… Well lucky for you, the two of us have made a compilation of our favorite “Shocking” articles for you guys so you do not have to open them on Facebook! Get ready for some SHOCKING news, secrets to happiness and success, and painfully obvious photoshopped screengrabs.



The answer: for pain relief/similar to acupuncture. WHAT? PAIN RELIEF? OMG!! THAT IS SO SHOCKING I CAN NOT EVEN CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT!!!!???




The answer: not shocking AT ALL, she was healed and that is all.




The answer: It’s a drone video of Long Island. If that is not THE MOST JAW-DROPPING THING you see all day, then your life must be SO exciting. Looks like the yellow circle is pointing to an abandoned beach house or a UFO or something, nope, it’s a drone. SHOCKING!



The answer: there is none.




The answer: Shelter survivor packs including napkins, food, water, etc. THAT IS CRAZY!! After 9 ENTIRE YEARS, they found boxes people put down there years ago. Can you handle it?



The answer: No, it has never crossed my mind. Can’t say I ever noticed to be honest.


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say this photo was edited. And no I’m not brave enough to swim there, but thanks for asking.

Spoiler alert, they dance. You never saw it coming? Neither did we. That is insane.



Not gonna lie, this one was kind of tempting to click on. Of course when you do all you get is aggressive advertisements for "singles in your local area." Also, Justin Bieber can look at Khloe Kardashian all he wants, but no self-respecting 31 year-old woman is going to stoop that low.