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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wash U chapter.

Grab your friends and head to these 11 different locations next time the weather (and lighting) is just right. While everyone else is snapping picture after picture in Forest Park or of their brunch at Half n Half, you’ll be posting unique shots at some of the coolest locations St. Louis has to offer. Turn on portrait mode and watch the likes roll in!

1. City Diner

The City Diner in Downtown STL has it all- bright colors, a jukebox, a fun countertop, and amazing diner food. Perfect for a unique shot of you and your friends sipping on their famous milkshakes!


2. Cafe Osage

Cafe Osage is perfect for minimalists or those trying to keep up a meticulous white grid- it’s full of brick walls, plants, and wooden stairs, and bonus points for delicious brunch food that’s also perfect to snap a pic of.


3. The Grove

The Grove may be full of bars and restaurants, but it’s also full of a ton of colorful murals that are great for taking pics in front of!

4. City Garden

This spot in downtown STL is basically a sculpture garden-turned playground. Hop around in the stone fountain when the weather is nice, and climb on any of the sculptures- the whole park is interactive and great for fun, unique pics!

 5. Moonrise Hotel

Two words: neon stairs. Take the best photo ever with this cool installation totally unique to the Moonrise.


6. Tower Grove Park

Despite being debatably the best park in all of St. Louis (sorry Forest Park), Tower Grove Park is full of unique installations that make for perfect pictures. For example, the park is full of pavilions that were designed in the 1800s and are something you really don’t see anywhere else but here.

7. City Museum

How can a giant adult playground not make for fun photos? Grab a solo shot in front of the cool neon signs at Beatnik Bob’s Cafe, take some pics of the unique fish in the aquarium, and don’t forget the skyline photo from the top of the rooftop ferris wheel!

8. City Coffeehouse and Creperie

For those who love the finer things, the Creperie can make for great instagrams. The crepes themselves are so aesthetically pleasing, as is the Parisian-inspired design of the cafe itself. Plus, who can turn down a fresh crepe?


9. Skateport Plaza

This one’s a bit of a drive, but totally worth it. This old roller rink is a hangout for local teens, but what makes it perfect for photos is its space-themed, neon design that’s so fun to photograph!


10. 360

A rotating restaurant with glass windows overlooking the city skyline? This is the perfect place to go in the early evening, so you can watch (and photograph) the sunset over the city.

11. Venice Cafe

The pictures of this place really speak for themselves. At this menagerie of magical items and designs, you’ll never run out of things to photograph.

Honorable Mentions

  • Broadway Oyster Bar

  • The Floodwall downtown

  • The London Tea Room

  • Blues City Deli

  • Stone Spiral Coffee House

  • Vintage Vinyl

  • Washington University Campus (ofc)


By Ella Faust

Wash U class of 2021; Majoring in Psychological and Brain Sciences with minors in Art History and Communication Design.