Mollie Carroll 2019

Name: Mollie Rose Carroll

Nicknames: Molls and Molls-Balls

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Potomoc, Maryland… #DMV

Major: Maybe Econ… who knows… who cares??

On Campus Involvement: Lacrosse, Spoon University and I am a member of the Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women.

Would you recommend other students getting involved in Spoon?

Yeah!! Everyone should do it. It is super fun and you get to eat a lot of food or not (but who would choose not to…?). And shamelessly promoting your articles on Facebook is really in these days, so there's that.

You’re also on a sports team! What is the Lacrosse team like?

It is a bunch of really cool girls (shout out to my lax girls) who hang out and lax together. Also, this way I don't feel bad about not going to the gym. I also loved getting to make a lot of new friends in all grades.

Now for fun questions… celeb crush?

Oh… that is really hard… well I keep a list of them in my phone.

Let’s see it.

Well it changes all of the time because like it depends on who is trendy at the time. Zac Efron will always be on that list though ;)

So you like Zac Efron?

Duh. Not only does he kill it in the High School Musical movies but he also one time was on the most amazing episode ever of MTV’s Room Raiders (must watch). I also lowkey (actually not lowkey at all) have a photo decal of him on my window… just in case I get lonely at night, ya know?