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Mitchell Shelby (2016)


Meet Mitchell Shelby, class of 2016. You may recognize him from his dreamy performance in one of the Kappa Karaoke dances, but it turns out dancing is not his only skill. Starring as the football team’s running back, Mitchell’s strong presence has been felt here at Wash U. Ladies, he’s single and ready to mingle, and if you love great dancers with adorable dimples (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) then Mitchell Shelby is the guy for you.


Grade: Freshman, Class of 2016.

Hometown: Simi Valley, CA.

Major: Economics and Strategy, Entrepreneurship

What are some of your hobbies? Football, any form of exercise, and singing in the shower, of course.

Oh so you sing? Do you have any more hidden talents? Well, my hidden talent used to be dancing, but I guess the secret is out after Kappa Karaoke.

How did you get to be such a good dancer? I used to take tap and hip-hop classes when I was younger. I also watch an excessive amount of Chris Brown music videos.

And did this determine which group you were put in for Phi Delt’s dance? Yeah, definitely. Especially because I was in the Chris Brown group.

What is your favorite thing about Wash U so far? Seeing Ross Chuckerman in a Speedo… Twice.

Something you miss most about being home? My mom’s sweet potato pie.

You can only eat one food for the rest of your life… What is it? …My mom’s sweet potato pie…

Favorite TV show? It’s a tie between Game of Thrones and Gossip Girl.

Great call, I love Gossip Girl. If you were an animal what would you be? Definitely a panther.

And how are you dealing with your newfound fame as a dancer? Please send this question to my publicist… He’ll take care of it.

Sydney Davis is a senior at Washington University in St. Louis majoring in Film & Media Studies and minoring in Writing. She loves running, exploring new cities, fashion, boating, and most importantly, Whole Foods. 
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