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Merrisa Robinson


You won’t find a student on the 40 who hasn’t succumbed to Merrisa’s charm. Known for her infectious smile and killer style, Merissa oozes celeb status. Beyond her contagious personality, this diva has some hidden talents up her sleeve. Let me just give you a hunt… We might have the next Beyoncé on campus. Always there to provide a good laugh while swirling FroYo, or a comforting hug after your first Orgo exam, Merissa Robinson truly makes WashU a better and happier place.

Name: Merrisa Robinson

Claim to Fame: Paws ‘n Go’s very own superstar

Best part of working at Paws ‘n Go? Definitely the students. I love that people come in here, not even for the food, but just to have a conversation with me. My goal is to put smiles on other people’s faces.

Secret talents? I’ve played the violin since I was very young but the main thing I like to do that people don’t really know about me is to sing and write songs. I actually record in the studio as well.

Who are your musical inspirations? Well for the guy singer, it has to be Music Soulchild. I’m so obsessed with him. Even though everyone says this Beyoncé really is my inspiration in terms of a female vocal artist. But I also just love to jam to my own music.

What are your aspirations for the future? I am currently at school studying to become a teacher. When I was young I used to play school with my brothers and sisters. I just love kids. They’re so much fun to be around and you learn something from them everyday.

Stay tuned for Merrisa’s mix tape coming out next year. 

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