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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wash U chapter.

Make your way to Simon Library now to meet WashU’s hidden gem. Born and raised in Westport Connecticut, this week’s campus cutie is none other than Maggie Brown.  At 19 years old, Maggie still spends her summers at her second childhood home, Camp Scatico, and plans on returning this upcoming this summer.  If you haven’t met Maggie, yet you are missing out because she is both hilarious and warm hearted.  



Favorite Place to Shop:

Madewell but also Stew Leonard’s


Favorite Place to Eat on Campus:

Law Café


Northwestern or Wash U:

Northwestern – Go Cats !!!!!!


Any nicknames?

Margaret, Megan, Margie, Marg (none of which have a basis in my actual name)


Which celeb do you most relate tol:

Larry David


Favorite TV show:



Favorite Class so far:

The Presidency 101


Favorite place to workout?

N/a lol


Favorite mode of communication:

Email. Have always been and will continue to be a proud Yahoo user.


What is your drink of choice?

Cranberry juice. Consistently order it on flights.  


What is your last dream about?

Never thought this would end up on the internet but it was that a giant talking cow was chasing me from a farm all the way back to Wheeler


What show are you watching right now?

This Is Us, Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Broad City


How many pillows do you sleep with?

One – I’m big on minimalism


 By Loie Gilbert

Washington University Class of 2019. College of arts and sciences, Psychology major with a minor in Design