Mackenzie Glassner 2021

Meet Mackenzie!!


Where are you from?

Philly! Home of the Super Bowl champs :)

Can’t live without…

Paws salads. Unpopular opinion but I’m obsessed

What is your biggest pet peeve?

So many pet peeves lol but loud chewers are the worst one I guess?

What is your current Netflix show?

The Vampire Diaries. Team Stefan and if you disagree I’ll fight you

Most embarrassing moment…

At BD brunch, I was toasting a bagel and tried to use a fork to get it out of the toaster. One of the chefs came running over screaming for me to stop and that's how I learned you get electrocuted if you put metal in a toaster. Something I have done for my entire life and never known! Ya learn something new everyday

Favorite animal?

Dogs. Specifically my dogs. Hardest part about college is not having dogs.

Dream vacation?

Basically any beach where I can lie around and do nothing, as opposed to my regular life where I also lie around and do nothing. Except for that I’m not on a beach

What is your hidden talent?

I’m probably the least talented person that has ever existed but I can make my tongue into a clover! And put my legs behind my head (learned from gymnastics. Stop asking questions)


By Lea Meyers