A List of All The Weird Stuff That Happened In The 2016 Election


This has in no doubt been the weirdest election year ever. Literally, it seems that the only thing the media and politicians could agree on was that this election was just so “unprecedented.”


1. When Ben Carson turned down a spot in Trump’s cabinet because he does not have any political experience (aka the first time he has said anything that has made complete logical sense).

While his peak of odd quotes was back during 2015, (ah yes, simpler times) he turned down being Secretary of Education because he felt like he did not have enough political experience to do the job. While there was a refreshing sense of bipartisan relief after his decision, one wonders what would have made him think that he had enough political experience to be the president during his 10-month campaign.


2. When Chris Christie looked terrified behind Trump

Who could forget this infamous moment? It was also the moment where I realized that Christie is, in fact, human and not just a wax figure that is slowly melting.


3. When Trump yelled at Christie to go home after endorsing him

The only time I have ever been able to relate to Trump, ever. I would want Christie to get as far away from me as possible too.



4. When Carly Fiorina released that weird campaign ad in Mid December 2015 (so basically 2016) with dogs

Candidates, they’re just like us #relatable.


5.  When Hillary Clinton referenced Pokemon Go by saying “Pokemon Go To The Polls”

Ok so it is no secret that I was and still am #WithHer. However, in the interest of being unbiased or whatever, I thought I would mention this weird anecdote about Clinton.

(source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZUZgsblIKE)


6. When Ted Cruz was the Zodiac Killer (and I’m still not completely convinced that he isn’t)

A headline from Rolling Stone in February. Why is it always Florida? 


7. When Ted Cruz's daughters hated him

But like, me too. 


8. When Ken Bone became a thing

Ok I know that Ken Bone’s presence on campus totally makes up for not having WILD, but how will we explain the #BoneZone hype 10 years from now?


9. When a psychic goat predicted the election

Yes, this was really a headline on Times. I know you’re all wondering, so was it right? So the thing is, this 3-year-old Scottish goat named Boots predicted that the “ultimate people’s choice” would be Clinton by biting a sign with her name on it. While yes, Trump won the presidency, (which a Chinese monkey predicted btw), Clinton won the popular vote by 2 million. So basically, they were both right..? 


10. When Donald Trump talked about his penis during the presidential debate 

For all of you that were worried (I know I was).

11. When Trump's campaign took his twitter away

But like, same. 

12. When Trump had his awkward first date with Mitt

We’ve all been there though


So yeah, basically I’m pretty sure the Mayans were trying to do us a favor when they said the world would end in 2012.