Linus Style Guide

If you surveyed a group of Wash U students about their favorite events of the semester, Linus would likely be at the top of the list.  A classy venue, open bar, contributing to charity, and an excuse to wear pretty dresses?  I’ll take one ticket please.

Whether you’re a Linus veteran or a newbie on the scene, planning your outfit is always enjoyable.  After all, getting ready for an event is half the fun!  I spoke to a few seasoned Linus-attendees to get some tips on how to look great for the big night. 

Junior Emily Shapiro said, “it’s more about dressing up for the girls than dressing up for the guys.”  Clearly, Linus is the perfect night to show off your style.  Junior Carly Krasnoff agreed, “It’s more about looking trendy than being formal, like at semi which can be more basic.“ She added that Rent the Runway, a website where you can rent a dress for the evening, is a great source for cheap and easy style: “That’s why I like to use RTR because I can get something expensive and trendy that I would probably only wear once anyway.” 

Junior Grace Dowling has a slightly different take, thinking that while girls do try to get trendy with their dresses, it’s also a night where they try to dress the sexiest too.  She explained, “They dress for girls, but with guys in mind.”

Linus is the perfect evening to experiment with your style and show off that dress hanging in the back of your closet that you’ve been dying to wear.  Junior Sydney Davis added, “It’s an opportunity for you to wear some of your more fun pieces that are trendy but not really as formal.”

Whether you go for a bold dress, or a dress that needs a little something added to it, don’t forget the shoes and jewelry.  If it’s a simple dress, accessories are a great way to play it up. 

Casey Weiss reminds us, “The shoes make the outfit.” In fact, she’s getting shoes express shipped from home, just because they match her dress perfectly.  Let’s hope they get here in time for the big night.

Don’t fret too much though, because the boys probably won’t notice anyway.  Junior Conor Homscheid commented, “Um… I think girls usually wear dresses” when asked about Linus style.

So, good luck to everyone… I can’t wait to see your outfits this Friday!