Let's Take Action For Once

A lot of people believe that Washington is doing nothing about guns in America. That's false. The Republican party has been pushing to make it even easier to buy weapons and rollback Obama-Era restrictions. Nothing was done after the carnage in Las Vegas and now the public is faced again with a mass murder in Parkland, Florida because of the ease of obtaining a semi-automatic gun.

The NRA is not as powerful as people think. However, since both they and Fox News have perfected the art of fear mongering, their nut-job members are extremely devoted to stopping any legislation that they feel might prevent them from completing a fucking useless mini militia in their backyard.

Credit: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/05/04/nra-meeting-houston-protests/2135595


They'll tell you that there's no evidence that gun laws will prevent less shootings, but thanks to successful lobbying by the NRA, the CDC cannot research ANYTHING about the effects of gun violence in America. This is because of the Dickey amendment, and it must be repealed.

Use this website, https://5calls.org/ to help you contact your representatives and have your stance tallied. Call them everyday. Call them on your way to class, as a study break, while you're on the toilet, while you're in line for Starbucks, whenever. Tell them to repeal the Dickey amendment. Tell them to pass legislation to ban the sale of assault rifles. Tell them that blood is on their hands and will continue to be if they don't.

Credit: https://5calls.org/

If you disagree with me, if you somehow have the audacity to believe that your "freedom" to decorate your walls with an assortment of assault weapons is more important than people lives, I ask you to watch the videos taken from inside the Parkland shooting. If your heart doesn't break from watching the videos of students screaming, not knowing if they are about to die, with gunshots blaring in the background, then maybe you're a lost cause. Maybe watching a different video, one with students sobbing while being escorted out of the classroom with their fellow classmates laying dead on the floor around them, their blood spilling out, will change your mind.

By Sophie Taibl