LDF: Dealing With Long Distance Friendships

Whether it’s across the state or across the country, it’s hard living without your best home friend. If you’re like me and your best friend is basically your boyfriend (but not), you’ll know that long distance ain’t easy. Although nothing beats actually seeing them, do these things to miss them a little less during the school year.



Duh. Texting and calling are great of course, but it’s another thing to see their face! Even if it’s for five minutes, catching up with them will make your day.

Send them a care package


Get a cardboard box and just start throwing things in there for your best friend. You know them -- give them their favorite candy and snacks, funny items, clothes to exchange, stuffed animals to hug, a handwritten note, anything. Getting packages from the mailroom is an exciting thing, and you’ll see that making your best friend happy will make you happy.

Plan for the next time you’ll see each other


This would most likely be summer, which is so close! Make a bucket list of places you want to go, concerts you wanna hit up, restaurants you’d like to try, movies that are must-sees, etc. The more you look forward to your time together, the more hype it’s gonna be.

Remind them just how much you care about them


We should all express more gratitude every day for everything we have. Start with your best friend -- tell them how much they mean to you, how much you care about them, and how much you miss them. They will appreciate this so much, and a declaration of your love will only make your friendship stronger. Long distance ain’t got nothin on you.