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Jonathan Jackson 2013

Hometown? Nashua, New Hampshire
Grade? Senior
Studying? I have a major in Political Science with minors in Writing and American Cultural Studies. If there were a Sociology program, I’d definitely be doing that.
Activities on campus? I’m involved in the sophomore honorary Lock & Chain, I’m part of Thurtene Honorary, and I’m also involved in the Association of Black Students.
You are also involved in Stylitics, right? Yes, I’m the Campus Ambassador for Stylitics, which is a New York City based startup that helps to index your closet and gives you personalized style tips after it learns what you like to wear. I’m really excited to help get it launched here at WashU. It’s a unique site, because it’s not about what you buy, but about what you already own. I’m hosting a contest soon on behalf of Stylitics so please check out the Stylitics at WashU facebook page for further information and definitely create your own account on the Stylitics website!
Dreams for next year? I definitely want to be somewhere where I feel intellectually stimulated. If that means marketing, that’d be wonderful, or maybe media. I think grad school is in my future too – maybe an MBA or PhD. I miss the East Coast; I miss the hustle and bustle, so maybe New York, Boston, Philadelphia, or DC.
Favorite thing about WashU? Honestly, I think the resources. There are so many things offered at this school that you don’t realize exist until you need them, such as Cornerstone or the calc help hours. I don’t think that other schools dedicate the necessary time to develop such resources, so I feel really lucky.
Favorite thing to do in St. Louis? Eat. I love the restaurants. Go to Sweetie Pie’s, but definitely go on a weekday, around 4-6, and bring a big group. I also like Forest Park. I underestimated how important the scenery is. As an upperclassman I really appreciate getting out there and enjoying it.
Biggest regret of college? I wish I had been more open in some of my friendships. I think I’m sort of reserved. I’ve come to realize that adult relationships are much different than college relationships – it’s much more about give and take, and I hope to get better at that.
Proudest moment? I just got an article published last week on the USA Today College website about branding, called “Brand yourself: 5 new (and free) sites for personal branding.” 
You are happiest when… I’ve spoken to my mom at least twice that week and when the Patriots win. I’m also happiest when I’ve actively taken care of myself at every level – spiritually, emotionally, physically. Finding that balance is hard in college, but it’s the discipline you need.
Most interesting thing you have learned in the past month? When you’re a leader, the standard that you hold yourself to is not necessarily the same as the standard that other people hold you to. You have to be capable of handling the repercussions and the consequences that come with being in the position to influence other people. I think the best leaders are the ones that make everyone around themselves better.
Guilty pleasure? This summer I came home one night from my internship and my roommate was sitting on the couch watching Pretty Little Liars…and then I ended up watching every episode until the season finale. It was so bad it was good. I also like coloring books and Legos. Legos are my reward – if I’m not doing work, I’ll say to myself, “if I finish this work then I could play with my Legos set.”
Personal style icons? I really Idris Elba; his style is clean, it’s simple, it’s fresh. Fonzsworth Bentley, who was Diddy’s personal assistant, is very focused on being a gentleman and what that looks like. I’m also a big fan of editors of the website, putthison.com. It’s a great site for people who are interested in men’s fashion. I wouldn’t call Kanye an icon of mine, but I appreciate what he’s done with the boundaries he has pushed and the risks he has taken. When he used to wear his backpack everywhere and those big cardigan sweaters, no one understood what he was doing, but I think it’s cool that he was so comfortable with his own style that he could rock whatever.
Most cherished thing you own? My Bible and I have a tattoo of my sister over my heart. Most recently those have been the things I need more and more.

Rosa Heyman is a senior at Washington University in St. Louis studying Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies and Writing. She has worked as an editorial intern at Black Book Magazine in NYC and St. Louis Magazine, and for the web editor at Redbook Magazine in NYC. A Rhode Island native, Rosa likes reading, writing, Kate Moss, The New York Times' Modern Love columns, Paolo Pellegrin photography, and roller coasters.
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