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John Yucesoy 2020

Meet John Yucesoy, this week’s Campus Cutie! Whether you need to vent or need someone to explain Calc 2 in actual coherent English, his outgoing personality makes him everyone’s go-to guy. Better yet, his sense of style designates him as the perfect shopping companion or fashion consultant, which every girl needs tbh.


St. Louis, Missouri.


Entrepreneurship, Finance.

Favorite song?

Ultralight Beam – Kanye West.

If you could have dinner with any celebrity who would it be and why?

Again – if it’s not clear – I’m a pretty big Kanye fan. I’d love to sit down with him and hear him talk about regular things…his family, his childhood…and I’d probably get his signature on a few things while I’m at it.

Favorite thing about WashU?

Other than the people, which seems to be the most common answer, I think it’s the opportunities. Being in the business school especially, everywhere I look has a different opportunity whether it’s a club, program, internship, or professional practice. I’m really happy to be in a place that really helps the students get to wherever we want to be- regardless of the path we take.

One thing that you could not go a day without?

I don’t think I could go without a watch. I use it to keep time, sure, but I’ve worn it so much for so long that without it on something feels off. I sleep and shower with a watch so anytime I take it off just feels wrong and like I’m missing something.


I need more hobbies to put it short. I like going to new restaurants, sitting around with friends, occasionally going outdoors, and most of all I love online browsing. I say browsing because most of the time I don’t buy the stuff I’m looking at since it’s all way too expensive for a college kid.

Favorite food?

Kebabs in Turkey. Pretty specific but since my family is Turkish, I’ve eaten there plenty of times and wow.

Favorite tv show? What character do you most identify with?

Parks and Rec. I’ve been told I’m kind of like Tom Haverford so him and I would probably be homies.

Biggest fear?

I originally thought fear, but I’m not too scared of the dark anymore. So now, I would say isolation. I hate being alone for a long time because I love interacting with people and having conversations. I never want to be locked in my house all alone for weeks on end because I would go crazy pretty quick. People make me happy. Unless they suck.

Best place to eat in St. Louis? What do you recommend?

Best place? I’m not sure about that. Places I would recommend checking out though:

Berix: They sell bosnian food and the gyros there are some of the best I’ve ever eaten in the US. It’s located in South County though which is far from here.

Carl’s Drive In: Pretty weird set-up but they sell these greasy, thin, steak burgers that are to die for. Inexpensive (duh they are burgers), but it’s totally worth it. I don’t think it’s horribly far but probably not worth paying for the uber there.

Thai Cafe: This is one of the 800 thai places on the loop (that’s an exaggeration), but it’s been my favorite thai spot for a while. Right across the Pageant.

Bricktops: If you’re wanting to have a special night, Bricktops is this pretty nice restaurant that will run up the tab pretty quick. It’s in the parking lot of the Plaza Frontenac mall (a super high end mall probably 15 minutes away), and no, they don’t take bear bucks or meal points.

Secret talent? A talent that you wish you had & why?

Not sure about a secret talent, but I wish I could draw/sketch things better for sure. I always am wanting to draw things and can plan it out in detail in my head but for some reason it always looks bad when I actually do it. I also really wish I could sing. That’d be so killer.

Most prized possession?

Honestly, as much as it sometimes pains me to say, probably my Yeezy’s. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair of Yeezy Boost 350’s in Moonrock and they’re super awesome. More than just the looks of the shoe, the fact that I was lucky enough to buy them and had the nerve to not sell them is sweet too. And I know this is all pretty ridiculous because it’s a pair of shoes and I shouldn’t be “lucky” to be able to buy them, but fashion is something I’m into and I really respect how Kanye has changed the game in the fashion industry besides just music.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

11 i think as of now. I wish I could own like 30 but shoes are an expensive interest. 11 isn’t too many, but for people who think it is, I have to have certain shoes for different things. I have the everyday shoes I could wear, shoes that I can run in, shoes I wear when I am business professional, shoes suited for weather, fun shoes, and the yeezys of course.

If you could domesticate any animal as a pet, what would it be and why?

A fox. I think they’re super good looking animals and feel like they would be a lot of fun to play around with. I don’t know why but I imagine them having a really soft side that will cuddle up and lick your hands but then they could be aggressive and protective if needed.

Do you miss living at home at all? If so what do you miss most?

I miss my family and the comfort of being in my own home, but I don’t miss living at home too much. What I miss most (other than friends and family) is my bathroom. Much bigger and not shared then the dorm bathroom, and the comfort of my shower compared to the small ones here is definitely to miss.

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