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Jason Derulo for Wild: Oh Boy!

By now you all have probably heard the news; Jason Derulo is headlining WILD. I know some people are conflicted. Should we admit we’re excited about this? Are we even excited about this? What does he sing again? Should i bother waking up from my nap and attending this shindig? Well, you’re probably too busy to even answer these questions yourself, so I have kindly written this to tell you how you should feel.

This is GREAT, and here’s why:


His songs are straight BANGERS


Do you remember Talk Dirty to Me, Trumpets, and Want to Want Me? Those are all our homeboy Jason. Let that settle in for a second and do a lil’ happy dance.


He is amazing at saying his own name



He says it all the time and he’s getting really good at it! I bet that if you attend WILD you can hear him say it live. If everything else in your life fails at least you’ll have something to tell your arch nemesis at your high school reunion!

Here is a video of him saying “Jason Derulo” for 57 minutes straight. You are welcome friends


He has some sweet moves




Boi can dance! Brookings quadrangle has probably never seen moves of this caliber. The whole place might just spontaneously combust!  



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