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It’s Crunch Time! HC’s Guide to a Less Lame Reading Week

You just got back from a relaxing weekend at home for Thanksgiving and now you find yourself thrown right back into the pressures of WashU academic life. You can’t bring yourself to start reviewing for your finals, or to write the first words for that fifteen-page term paper due next week. What’s a girl to do? Check out this list of how to motivate yourself during reading and finals week while still having fun!

1. Use exercise as a study break

After a few long hours in the study room on your floor or in the library, swap those study sweats for some workout gear! Run on the treadmill or elliptical for about half an hour, and it will change your life. A short break will reenergize you to power through the rest of your work for the day, and it is a great way to take 20-30 minutes for yourself. (Side note: E! is channel 64 in the estrogym.) Thank goodness for TV at WashU! #washuproblems

2. Study in groups

Grab your suitemates and head over to the library, or grab a few friends and sit in Bear’s Den or the Village to get some work done. Whether they’re working on the same subject or not, doing work with other people is a great way to keep you focused while still being able to take five minute breaks to chit chat and stretch. Warning: Try not to get distracted!

3. Eat with friends

Another great study break is eating with friends. Meals on average only last 30-45 minutes so plan a time to eat with a few friends either on or off campus. It’s a nice way to stay social and clear you mind from all that work you’ve been doing, and gives you time to relax before starting your next study session. Also, eating off campus is a great alternative if you ran out of Meal Points!

4. Catch up on your favorite TV shows

Television is a great way to take a break. In between anthro and calc sit down and watch an episode of your favorite show. I suggest doing it on your computer because with limited commercials shows only end up being 22 or 44 minutes. While watching a show seems like a nice long break, in reality it’s only a short down period between studying. So enjoy New Girl, Glee, or How to Make it in America –you’ve earned it!

5. Study by day, party by night

What a lot of us don’t realize is just how long the day is. If we didn’t procrastinate until 12am we could finish all of our work in time to enjoy the night. So during reading week wake up earlier, do work all day, take study breaks (as listed above), and then find yourself ready to go at night. Study hard during the daytime, and party harder at night. Disclaimer: Partying can be alternated for watching a movie or vegging out.

So there you have it: a few simple ways to keep your reading and finals weeks upbeat and fabulous. Study away WashU Bears, but don’t work too hard!

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