It’s Fall, Y’all

Here in Missouri, I have finally felt some typical fall weather. Yet, I can’t believe it’s almost November. Where did all the time go?

But this season has all the fall feelings. Here are my favorite:

It’s spooky season.

Halloween is coming. This means free candy. I’ll be sitting in my dorm and eating chocolate.

Pumpkins are the token food item of fall.

You can use them for decoration, for eating, or for carving. Coming in all shapes and sizes, there’s a pumpkin for everyone. Fun Fact: they’re actually categorized as a fruit.

Leaves are crunchy.

The colors are simply beautiful. Though I haven’t seen too much color change around campus (maybe I’m just not looking at the right places), I’m looking forward to some color variation in trees.

The warm, pooling feeling from warm drinks.

Fall weather hits just right with a nice warm beverage of your choice.

It’s sweater weather.

Stay cozy!

Hope everyone enjoys the autumn months (safely)!