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I Ranked the Songs on Selena Gomez’s New Album


Selena Gomez recently released her full album, Rare. Sometimes songs that aren’t singles can fall through the cracks of new albums, so I listened to all of the songs and ranked them from worst to best. 


13. “Fun”: The background clapping in this track, although it appears in others, annoys me. It’s upbeat and bouncy, but it doesn’t really fit with the rest of the songs because it’s about someone new, and most of the others talk about her finding self-love.

12. “Cut You Off”: I heard this song without listening to anything, the words, the beat, the vocals, and nothing struck me as a different kind of Gomez sound, of the past or present. 

11. “Vulnerable”: A little dull compared to what the other songs on the album offer. It’s on the line of easy listening and boring.

10. “Rare”: The title track of the album is an empowering song about recognizing one’s originality and value just without the energy of that concept. The music video released has a Katy Perry’s Prism-era vibe.

9. “Kinda Crazy”: This song manages to have a nice slow beat which captures my attention, but not to the extent of the rest of the songs.

8. “Look At Her Now”: This single, released with “Lose You to Love Me”, is a nice opposite of the other single. However, it’s better to listen to without watching the video, which is a bit disorienting. 

7. “A Sweeter Place” (feat. Kid Cudi): This track is catchy and a bit more unique than others. It kept my attention the whole time with its rhythm. 

6. “Let Me Get Me”: The bouncy beat of this track makes it stand out among the others, although it feels a bit repetitive.

5. “Ring”: This track has an edgier vibe than most of the other songs on the album, and it showcases a sassier side of Gomez. 

4. “Crowded Room” (feat. 6LACK): I love the start of this song especially, and the entire song reminds me more of “Good for You” or “Hands to Myself.” It’s nice to hear both growth and continuation in this album.

3. “Lose You to Love Me”: Gomez’s first number one single in the United States, this song, obviously about the singer’s previous relationship with Justin Bieber, is very emotional, yet empowering at the same time.

2. “Dance Again”: This bouncy upbeat song is one of my favorites because it reminds me more of Selena Gomez’s past albums. It’s reminiscent of “Naturally” from Kiss & Tell.

1. ”People You Know”: My favorite song on the track is an upbeat track about the sensation of knowing someone until you don’t. Gomez captures the feeling and makes it lighter than one might expect, which is interesting. 

After listening to the whole album, it seems like Gomez is experimenting with some new sounds, although most of the songs still sound like her typical pop sound. In my opinion, they are a bit less catchy than a Taylor Swift song and more interesting than a Justin Bieber song. Check out the album and see if you agree with my ranking!

Brianna Hines is a junior at Washington University in St. Louis, majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and minoring in Marketing.
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