I Just Started Watching Teen Wolf and I’m Very Confused

Disclaimer: I am only on episode 3 so this article contains no spoilers. This show is also from 2011, so if you can’t guess that it’s about werewolf teenagers, I’m sorry.

At this point in the semester, I’m exhausted. I’m an only child, and this constant socialization has finally gotten to me. When I needed some me-time, my go-to show was The Office, which I would HIGHLY recommend.

As lazy as this may sound, it required too much focus to watch. I love the characters, so I would intensely want to pay attention to every single detail of the plot and make mental notes of quotes to remember.  Thus began my search for what I call “Junk Food TV.”

I used to watch Riverdale religiously, but I got fed up with Season 2 pretty early on. I mean really, how much crime can happen in one dinky little town?

With my six month free trial on Amazon Prime, I also get Prime TV!  Woohoo!

One of the recommended for me shows, after watching Baywatch and Two Night Stand, was Teen Wolf. I had heard the majority of my classmates rave about Teen Wolf in high school, but I’ve only ever had Netflix, so I never seriously considered watching it. I fully intended for this show to just be noise in the background as my eyes could glaze over while I ate a well-earned dinner.  But there are some things about the show I just. don’t. get.

Why is Scott so okay with being a werewolf?  It took him all of 2 seconds to accept it.

And how was Stiles so quick to diagnose his “werewolf”ness?  I mean, if one of my friends was acting super aggressive and had just been attacked by a wolf, my guess would be rabies.

Also, why are they just so nonchalant about talking about Scott’s being a werewolf?  I mean really, that a big secret that the super sketchy Derek is creeping around trying to protect.  I mean, there are HUNTERS that live in their TOWN.  Keep that on the DL, boys.


Don’t get me wrong – I do have some qualms with the plot, but I fully intend to keep watching.

By Molly Isaac