How to Turn Your Pajamas into a Bold Fashion Statement

Calling late-night Netflix watchers and lazy people everywhere, this is truly a fashion win for all of humanity.

Staying in your pajamas all weekend is now transitioning into the weekday. Pajamas, a staple of comfort and pure joy, can now be enjoyed outside of the bedroom. 

Here are some ways to wear your pjs out and look darn good while doing it. 


One tip, essential for any killer look, is accessories. The comfiness of any pajama must be juxtaposed with a sophisticated accessory such as a sleek purse or structured set of frames.

Carrie Bradshaw said it best: "Maybe the best any of us can do is not to quit, play the hand we've been given, and accessorize the outfit we got."

Next, over-sized does not mean slouchy. In fact, it provides edge and a cool-girl quality.

Another thought: patterns. Whoever said stripes are unflattering was just straight-up lying! A simple stripe or a bold polka dot can add some spice to your 8 A.M. lecture.

Lastly, pairing a pajama top with your favorite pair of jeans (skinny, mom, flare, boyfriend, wide-leg, etc.) serves chic looks all around.

If you are still feeling hesitant about this trend, maybe this will ease your mind. Just remember, if Gigi Hadid can wear pajamas in public, you can too. 

Don’t compromise your comfort, or more importantly, an extra five minutes that can be used sipping a cappuccino in your morning routine. Take any pajama- a silk dress, an oversized nighty, or even a furry robe- and make it fashion. But, don’t forget that carrying your outfit with a little confidence never hurts.