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As someone who grew up in Wisconsin, St. Louis winters feel more like early spring than winter. That being said, here are some tips I’ve learned over the years for staying cozy during the winter months.


Pay Attention to the Wind Chill

If you’ve ever gone outside and expected it to be a lot warmer than it was, you’ll probably benefit from looking at the wind chill instead of the actual temperature. On your phone, it’s probably listed as “feels like” in the Weather app. This is the more “realistic” temperature because it accounts for the wind. While I’m writing this, my phone says it’s 41℉ but it “feels like” 32℉ because it’s windy today — that’s a pretty big difference!


Layer Up!

Gloves and a hat may seem unnecessary when you have pockets and a hood, but the extra layers can make a huge difference. Invest in some good quality accessories so you’re not freezing on your way to class on those extra cold mornings. A scarf can also be helpful, but you probably won’t need one in St. Louis… especially this year when masks cover your face just as well!


You Can Never Have Too Much Lotion

If you’re not used to the cold, you might not realize how dry your skin gets in the winter. With COVID and all the extra hand washing, your hands are probably even drier than they would be usually, so make sure you have enough lotion.


Stay Festive

When the holidays are past, the winter can start to look a little bleak. But there are still so many fun things to experience! Embrace the snow by taking pictures, having a snowball fight, or building a snowman. You can also watch wintery movies under a blanket, bake something warm, or buy some winter-themed candles to stay cozy!


Take Care of Your Mental Health

The winter months tend to be harder on people, and it may be even worse this year because of the pandemic. Remember that your mental health comes before school. Don’t feel guilty when you need to take breaks, and know that your school has resources if you need professional help. Try to keep in mind that the days are getting longer and brighter, and spring will be here soon.

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