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How to Survive Spring Break

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It’s hard to believe, but I promise hidden behind those desks at Olin are people who will be on Spring Break in T-minus one week! Whether it’s PV, Colorado, or St. Louis, Her Campus is here to help you prepare for this vacation with our Spring Break Survival Kit.


Here are a couple things you have to be prepared for:


  1. Last Minute Greasy Hair


Brittney cannot control it….


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What if we told you that you can control that greasy hair? You’ll need it for when you either get too lazy on the couch and Netflix has already asked you if you’re still watching or if you’ve just had a late night out.

Featured here: Natalie Henchman eliminating greasy hair with some Pssssst dry shampoo!

Source: Our original content ;)


2. That Unexpected UTI


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Want to avoid getting thrown up on? Stick with some Cystex… because you never know what will happen on Spring Break! Spending time in a wet bathing suit all day is definitely a recipe for a UTI, so be prepared! I’m not sure how much more I have to say on this matter, but we’re just here for you.


3. The NAKED lip (!!)


Ever been out on the town, looked in the bathroom mirror and saw your lip was, yes, naked?!


Source: http://giphy.com/gifs/angry-shocked-naked-bwUao35BNXM7S


A colorful lip will at the very least distract from your messed up hair, streaking make-up, and stained shirt. We’re hooking you up with a quick fix: take some of these Charlotte Tilbury samples with you and your lip will never be caught naked.


4. The Unplanned Break


NOTHING is worse than not planning every waking second of your break. What better way to optimize your time than with an Erin Condren planner. Actually the nicest planner I’ve ever seen, I’ve never had a bigger urge to organize my work, my events, my entire life.



Hope these tips help you get through this break successfully! See you all back in Olin!


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