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Here are some tips to help you survive the freshman flu, courtesy of a freshman who had the flu her second week of freshman year.  Yes, it was the worst.

Comfy Sweatpants


These are a must have. Do not feel like you have to put actual clothes on when you’re sick. No one will care if you roll out of bed with messy hair, tissues, and fuzzy socks with slippers. Just be comfortable. Honestly, no one really cares if you do this when you’re healthy either, but especially when not when you’re sick.




Who wants to lean down and have grossness drip out of every hole in their face when they try to put on shoes? Just slide those slippers right on your little feet and get all cozy in ‘em.


Dayquil and Nyquil


These will keep you alive and allow you to physically move. The only reason you’ll want to get out of bed in the morning is to take that Dayquil.



Gotta get those electrolytes in. Trust me, they help a lot.



Find a great new show to watch and then just watch all of it. All of it.




For those aches and pains that cannot be avoided from walking, sleeping funny, and everything in between.




I cannot stress this enough. Bring tissues with you whenever you leave your room. You never know when that big sneeze is gonna come out.


Stay In


Trust me, you’ll want to go out because you’ll experience major FOMO…BUT you need to stay in and regain your health. Tt will be worth it, I promise.




This is crucial. You will not get healthy if you do not sleep. So please sleep.


Good luck!


by Elizabeth Baxter

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Wash U class of 2021; Majoring in Psychological and Brain Sciences with minors in Art History and Communication Design.
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