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How to Successfully Start a New TV Show in College

1) Pick your show carefully; If you are starting a very current TV show that many people watch (like Game of Thrones), you’ll have to be careful who you talk to. Some people will spoil it for you.





2) Don’t binge watch the whole thing to catch up to your friends (unless you actually make the time for that by dropping out of college);  Savor it.





3) Use it as a reward.  It can be motivation for doing other necessary things, like homework and studying (if you think those things are necessary)




4) If you choose to watch with someone who is on the current season or has seen the whole thing (cough Netflix and chill cough), make sure they won’t give anything away. Even if you beg them to tell you what happens




5) Don’t become attached to any characters. College is sad enough and you don’t need another reason to cry (although, if you do, it’s more justifiable than crying over Calculus



By Casey Connelly

gifs: giphy.com

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