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How Freshman Year is Going As Told by the Titanic

So far, the best way to describe freshman year is through the Titanic. It’s not all smooth sailing..

1. As incoming freshman ready to gain our sea-legs, we all quickly hopped aboard the theoretical ship that is college. Much like Jack Dawson, we were quickly directed to the lower-class(men) quarters (dorms). Despite being the lowest class on the ship, we were ready to set sail on the next four years of our lives.


2. From there, we might encounter and even form friendships with some members of the upper-class, however the divide between us can not be fully fused due to the inherent nature of class differences.


3. But haven’t we all had that moment when we’ve felt compelled to stand on the bow of our theoretical ship, stretch our arms out to our sides, and scream “I’m flying!” when we successfully made our way around campus without using our virtual maps?


4. Like Jack Dawson, the best we can do is describe ourselves as Penniless Artists. Thus, we are reduced to ration our Silver Meal Plan points to last us through the rest of the semester. As a result, our Ramen noodles are our life preservers.

5. Wikipedia describes Titanic as “an American epic romance disaster film.” Wikipedia might describe our love lives in the same way.

6. Due to the nature of the Sam Fox school, the opportunity to be drawn like one of their french girls is not hard to come by.

7. And, like Rose, aren’t we all entitled to at least one psychotic break-down? Especially when you ran out of your last cup of Mac and Cheese and it’s 2 in the morning and all you want in life is the perfect bowl of synthetic perfection.


8. On our ship, we all have that one friend who is your go-to commiserator. “You jump, I jump.” You drop out and move to Antarctica, I drop out and move to Antarctica.

9. As midterms quickly hit us like an iceberg, we are forced to stand on the deck of our sinking ship as sad violin music proceeds to play in the background. In other words, we must take in the one big “ship-show” that are exams.


10. For those of us drowning in work, we have to do our best to stay above “C-Level” just like Jack and Rose.

11. As we do our best to cram the final pieces of information in our brains for midterms, the best we can do is clench our textbooks and notes to our hearts and say, “I’ll never let go!”

Luckily for us, we know that we can all stay afloat! Midterms are just about over, and the iceberg has melted. So far, it looks like we’re in the clear!

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Sarah Perlin is a Nashville native in the Arts and Science School of Washington University in St. Louis. She is a coffee addict, a hedgehog enthusiast and the proud owner of a dog named Tuna.
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