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How to Be a Picky Eater at Wash U

I have been the pickiest eater I know for as long as I can remember. I ate the same thing for lunch every day until my senior year of high school, and wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Trying new restaurants is always a big deal and I consistently check the menus online beforehand to make sure that I’ll  find something to eat.

My friends in high school would make fun of me, but they were accommodating and used to my childish eating habits. At WashU, I have been retraining my new group of friends and teaching them all about my limited diet, while also dealing with their teasing and low-key judging. When I get the same thing two days in a row, they ask me if I really want to eat the same thing again. I repeatedly tell them that yes, I happily eat the same three things and repeat my meals daily. I have been adjusting to WashU and learning how to be a picky eater here with these staple kid’s menu items across campus.



1. Cherry Tree- make your own sandwich with only bread and cheese

2.Pasta station- plain pasta with parmesan, (“yes, just parmesan please”)

3. Holmes Lounge- grilled cheese

4.Ibby’s- summer pasta sans summer (completely plain pasta)

5. BD chicken fingers

6. Fruit- averaging two apples a day (easy to find everywhere)

7. Paws & Go- snacks (more apples, protein bars, yogurt, ice cream!)


Despite the weird looks I get while ordering, I smile and nod when asked “are you sure you want only cheese on that?” Yes, I really do want it plain with no spices or leaves or garnishes or anything.

The simpler the better.


gifs: giphy.com

by Lea Meyers


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