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Hottest Fall/Spring Runway Trends of 2016

In 2016, thus far, fashion has taken a blast to the past, with old looks making major comebacks, including: bomber jackets, chokers, pantsuits, and off-the-shoulder blouses/shirts. These four particular looks can be found repeatedly on this year’s most talked about celebs – Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, and Blake Lively, to name a few – and on the runways of both fall and spring fashion weeks.

Us college students may not be able rock these high fashion looks on the daily, but it doesn’t hurt to look right?


Who doesn’t love a trendy bomber jacket? Also known as a “Flight Jacket,” bombers tend to be shorter than regular jackets and have thicker lining. Since bombers are tight at the waist they look flattering on most body types and look extremely cute with a simple top and jeans, shorts or even a skirt. Catch some amazing bomber looks below off the amazing Runway shows of Lacoste, VFiles, and Rag Bone.


The choker has been around since the 1700’s and we all know the 90’s were full of that “Tattoo Choker” trend, but in 2016 they’ve come back with a bang. While wearing a choker started as a punk/goth look, it has evolved into a common accessory that can be worn with almost anything. Use it to spice up your not-so-exciting look or even layer them up with some other necklaces/jewelry. The Oscar de La Renta, Alexander Wang, and Louis Vuitton runway shows from this year showed the different ways chokers can be worn, ranging from gala, to punk, to prep wear.


Who says tailored suits are only for men? Women can totally rock a pantsuit for an upscale event or even for a casual night out. Also, changing your look so you don’t appear to be going to a business meeting is super simple. Wear your pantsuit with a bodysuit underneath or even a thick bralette to make it a little more scandalous. Accessorize with a big bag for the daytime or a small clutch for a night event , and don’t forget that a simple pointed heel looks bomb with a cute pantsuit. Victoria Beckham , Calvin Klein, and  J Crew all had pantsuit at their runway shows!


The off-the-shoulder look can sometimes be extremely annoying to rock, considering that lifting your arms or actually moving your arms at all will cause most shirts to slip up. That said, it’s TOTALLY worth it. You can find off-the-shoulder almost anything including sweaters, dresses, and blouses,  and in my opinion they all look cute on. At this year’s fashion week, atypical off the shoulder looks made appearances like the one shouldered look or the bare shoulder displayed below at the Self Portrait, Vera Wang, and Altuzarra shows.


Photos via: refinery29.com, elle.com, vogue.com, huffingtonpost.com, and stylecaster.com


Laura Palacino is a sophomore studying business at Wash U. Her hobbies include shopping, working out, eating and watching Netflix. Fun fact she has been to 35 concerts and has never seen the snow.
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