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Henna Mishra (2015)

Some people are just famous for being famous. Henna Mishra is kinda like that. Complete with Cali swag, this Indian chick has graced WashU with her presence and valuable social skills. While she throws a good party, Henna is also serious about her studies and can be found in the B-School where she studies marketing or the Psych Building. I may be biased, having been her roommate for all of college, but you should definitely get to know this girl if you haven’t already. Or just follow her on Twitter @henhau5.

Name: Henna Mishra.

Hometown: THE BAY.

Do you have a catchphrase? “My name is Henna, like the tattoo,” and maybe also “turn down for what?”

Rap name? My DJ name is henhau5, my rap name would be… Hmm it’s gotta be perfect… Maybe jaZZmine.

What’s your dream job? Being Diplo’s female counterpart in Major Lazer.

If you could be stranded on an island with anyone (except Diplo), who would it be? If Dave Franco is into Indian girls, then him. If not, I wanna chill with M.I.A. Wait, is Aladdin an option?

Favorite St. Louis meal? Thai chicken wings from Three Kings, or pad see ew with my roommates in our living room. Lots of Sriracha.

Where do you mostly spend your Bear Bucks? Three Kings and Winslow’s.

Beyoncé or Rihanna? Rihanna – one hundred percent. Bad girl RiRi!

If you could have three wishes from a genie, what would they be? My first wish would be to marry Diplo, the second would be making the whole world Barcelona, and the third wish would be that Sig Ep was still on campus. 

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