Healthy Lofthouse Sugar Cookie Dupe

You either love Lofthouse Frosted Sugar Cookies or you hate them (and I’m sorry but if you hate them, this is not a safe space for you. Go find some kale chip recipe or something). The only thing that could possibly make these classic cookies better is if you knew they weren’t completely filling your body with sugar and chemicals. Luckily, I found an Instagram account that creates healthy, easy and DELICIOUS recipes (follow @lilisipper for this recipe and more!), and her Lofthouse Cookie “remake” is an absolute 10/10. The cookies themselves have just 3 ingredients and don’t need to be baked, so you can make them right from your dorm room! The account also includes a recipe for healthy “sprinkles” and all natural “frosting,” but you can totally customize it to be as close to the recipe as you want. Or, ya know, just use normal frosting and sprinkles. 


For the cookies: 1/2 cup of Vanilla Protein 1 cup Greek yogurt 3 Tbsp sunflower butter


Directions: 1) Mix above ingredients and form into desired shape, and then place them in the freezer

2) Place in freezer while you melt coconut butter (this serves as your “frosting,” but if you want to treat yourself and pull out the Betty Crocker container, we won’t judge)

3) Ice cookies, place back in freezer for 5 min., then ice cookies again to get a "deeper" white color. 4) Do one last round of icing, then add sprinkles (see blow) immediately

5) Store in refrigerator 

For the sprinkles: - Hemp hearts  - Any superfood powder (turmeric, wheatgrass, matcha, pitaya powder, blue spirulina, etc.) and/or freeze dried fruit pulverized into a powder.



Mix desired amount of hemp seeds with powder of choice (no measurements). The powder will naturally stick to the hemp seeds.