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Halloween Expectations versus Reality

As a kid, Halloween is all about the candy. As you get older though, the focus turns towards the sexy costumes and the ~crazy~ parties. These are great…but not as great as candy. And as fun as Halloween can be, we usually hype it up a little too much and get a little too excited in our expectations for Halloweekend. Kind of like New Years, it’s one of those holidays that sounds a lot more fun that it ever really is. Of course dressing up in costume is fun and exciting, but here are some unrealistic expectations to cross off your list this year:

Expectation: All your costumes will be AMAZING

Reality: Maybe you get one good night, but rocking three fire costumes is hard to do – especially when they’re usually last minute Amazon Prime orders or DIYs.

Expectation: Each night of the weekend will be the best party you’ve ever attended because it’s Halloweekend!

Reality: The weekend consists of very average parties and events, only instead you are wearing a costume.

Expectation: You’ll be so down to go out every night of the week and weekend leading up to Halloween that hangovers won’t bring you down.

Reality: After night one you’re pretty tired, but you rally. After night two? You’re feeling down for the count.

Expectation: You’ll get a pumpkin and be really festive and decorative.

Reality: You’ll forget.


Expectation: You’ll come up with a witty costume that you think is hilarious.

Reality: People won’t get it.


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