Halloween Costume Ideas from The Office

Scrambling for a last-minute Halloween costume? Let’s take a look back at some of the best costumes from the characters on NBC’s The Office, sorted from most to least difficult to pull off. One of them could work for you!


Two Heads: Clearly this costume takes some planning. You would need to make a paper-mâché head that resembles you, and attach it….somehow. (Plus the effect doesn’t appear to be as successful as one might hope…). Still, Michael put in plenty of effort.

Pumpkin Head: Since Dwight could not remove the jack-o-lantern from his head after successfully scaring Erin, I would advise you to go a different route if a jack-o-lantern head is something you are interested in pursuing. Perhaps a fake pumpkin, unless you want to be forced to wait two months until the real pumpkin rots off of your head.

The Joker: Creed, Kevin, and Dwight all dress up as the Joker for Halloween, with varying levels of success. Creed has the most believable costume; if you are opting to dress as the Gotham villian, Creed’s costume has the effect you should strive for.

Skeletons: While you would need to buy the costume, a skeleton is nice, low-key costume; you won’t be uncomfortable all night, and it’s a nice group costume!

Cat: Pam and Angela have good examples of simple cat costumes. They would be super easy to pull off at the last minute. Find a headband with cat ears, or add your own triangles with construction paper or cardboard, draw on a nose and whiskers, and you’ve got it!

Blood-Spattered Shirt: Apparently, for Creed, this costume is a nice coincidence, but it really is a pretty simple idea. Find some clothes you don’t mind getting stained, and splatter some red paint on yourself. The effect is creepy, albeit simple.

Facebook: Jim is really into low commitment Halloween costumes, as evident by his three-hole punch Jim (three black circles taped onto the right side of his shirt), and “Dave” (A “My Name is..” sticker with the name “Dave”). Yet, this costume is actually one of his more clever ideas. Just write book on your face (with something you can remove, of course). Hopefully no one will mistake you for Bookface.

Honorary Mention: Dwight’s CPR Dummy Mask: Though technically not a Halloween costume, the mask is pretty creepy. Sometimes all you need to do to scare everyone is to wear a spooky mask!

Let's get spooky!!

By Brianna Hines