Georgia Bartels-Newton 2021

She can sing with her mouth closed, she can throw food behind her back and catch it in her mouth, and she always has at least three witty puns lined up. What more could you ask for in a human being? Her only flaw is that she is arguably too perfect. Freshman Georgia Bartels-Newton hails from Rockville, Maryland. On the off chance you are into Norwegian TV shows, specifically “Skam”, hit her up right away.


Most embarrassing moment:

When I went to band camp and my band’s name was Red, White and Music. Actually, that’s not embarrassing, we were rockin’.


Favorite midnight snack:

Amy’s Pizza Snacks from Paws, my goal is to get all of my tuition back in pizza snacks by the end of the year.


Favorite Disney Channel Original movie:

My go-to is Jump In. I love throwback Keke Palmer, and Corbin Bleu was my childhood crush – I used to kiss my poster of him every night.


Favorite place to study on campus:

The courtyard outside McMillan Hall but only if it’s between 68 and 79 degrees with a slight breeze. Actually… yeah.


Favorite place to eat on the loop:

Mission Taco but only if I can afford the street corn.


Best type of Insomnia cookie:

I want to say oatmeal raisin but I don’t know if I can handle the backlash I’m gonna get from saying that. Also, raisins on their own kind of freak me out - all wrinkled and such *shivers*.


Best pump up song:

Georgia by Ludacris, obviously.


Favorite kind of cheese:

My favorite’s gouda!


Favorite class so far:

Social inequality in America


Thoughts on Taco Bell:

See entire article written about her love for Taco Bell here.


By Laura Judd