Genius Ways to Deal With Allergies

If you're like me, St Louis is a nightmare for your allergies. You wake up with a scratchy throat because your congestion has turned you into a mouth-breather. It's hard to enjoy this lovely weather when you feel horrible and keep coughing up phlegm. 

Here are some smart solutions to your allergies so you can enjoy spring with the best of them!

1) Stay Inside 

If you never leave your room you never have to suffer! Just find some knick-knack friends like spongebob did and watch TV. Nature is lame anyway. Inside is the new outside.

2) Wear a Surgeon's Mask 

Will this work? Only one way to find out! These are very popular in China to filter air, so maybe they filter out pollen. And maybe people will think you're pre-med which is cool.

3) Cut Down All the Trees on Campus

Who needs them anyway? Always making that annoying oxygen stuff. No trees, no pollen, no problem!