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Gabi Restrepo 2020

Hometown: Miami FL

Major: Communication Design

Favorite Food from WashU: The couscous in a mushroom with a side of mac n cheese.

Favorite Place in the World: The beaches of Captiva, Florida especially at sunset.

How Would You Spend 1 Billion Dollars? I would first pay for all of my college tuition/student loans, then donate some to the humane society & Lotus House in Miami, I would also really want to buy a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and then I would just save the rest for a rainy day. 

Celeb Crush: Thomas Mann, he’s always in the most random movies but I love him

Favorite Song ATM: Bad religion by frank ocean, an oldie but a goodie


Be sure to say hi to Gabi if you see her around!!

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