Fun Things to do in St. Louis

If you’re getting sick of being on campus on weekends, here are some fun day-long excursions that are super fun and won’t break the bank.


The City Museum

The best way that I can describe the city museum is an adult playground. It was created by artist Bob Cassily using found objects ranging from school buses to sheet metal. It has indoor and outdoor attractions, and it’s so much fun!

Total cost: $12.00 admission per person + $40 total Uber (I recommend using split charge)

Protip: Go with a big group and play team hide and go seek in the outdoor area


The St. Louis Zoo

The zoo is conveniently located in Forest Park about a mile or so away from campus. Walking to the zoo and walking around is a super easy and fun way to get to 10,000 steps for the day. Plus you get to see super cute animals!! What could be better?

Total cost: FREE (if you walk) - $20 (if you Uber)

Protip: Go see the new and improved Grizzly Ridge and show some WashU Bear pride!


The Gateway Arch

Who could forget the St. Louis staple? I personally have never been because I am deathly afraid of heights, but all of my friends have gone and loved it! There’s so much to do between actually going up into the arch, seeing the documentary, and going on the riverboat cruise that it’s hard not to have a good time.

Total cost: $13 entry per person + $40 total Uber (I recommend using split charge)

Protip: Take as many pictures as possible. Who cares if you look basic??


The St. Louis Art Museum

The art museum is super cool even if you’re not that into art. New exhibitions come through every few months so you won’t have to see the same thing if you go there multiple times. It’s a really good resource for students studying art at WashU or who just want to learn more about art. It’s also conveniently located in Forest Park so you have no excuse not to go check it out at least once during your time at WashU.

Total cost: FREE (if you walk) - $20 (if you uber)

Protip: Go for a picnic on art hill before enjoying the museum to give your feet a break after the walk.


The Missouri History Museum

Like the St. Louis Art Museum, The Missouri History Museum frequently has new exhibitions coming through. Most of the exhibitions are about Missouri, but in the past they’ve also had exhibits such as “TOYS of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s” and “Little Black Dress: From Mourning to Night.” Still, if you want to know more about your college campus's city, check out the Missouri History Museum.

Total cost: FREE (if you walk) - $20 (if you uber)

Protip: Check out their website to see if any exhibitions in particular appeal to you before you go.


So grab a group and get going! You don’t have all day!

By Elizabeth Baxter