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Fitness Accounts and Instructors to Follow on Instagram

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wash U chapter.

Are you finding it difficult to motivate yourself to workout in college? Are you struggling to find fun and safe ways to exercise during the pandemic? Here are six fitness accounts and instructors that you should follow to find dorm friendly workouts, ranging from HIIT to dance cardio to pilates-sculpt and more!

1. Lindsey Harrod @lindseyharrod

Lindsey is an LA-based fitness trainer and blogger. On her Instagram page (and her newly launched website), you can find various workouts that are incredibly challenging. My personal favorite class type is “Cardio and Core HIIT,” which she does on her Instagram live or over Zoom once a week. I highly recommend Lindsey’s workouts if you are looking for a challenge and to break a major sweat.

2. Aubre Winters @aubrewinters

Aubre is genuinely one of the most fun and uplifting instructors I have seen. Aside from her great workouts (if you want a bootie workout, she has so many good ones), one of the highlights of my day is watching her Instagram stories and hearing about the real stuff going on in her life. Connecting with your fitness instructors on a personal level makes all the difference when you work out with them. I am the furthest thing from a dancer, but Aubre’s dance cardio workouts are easy to navigate, and they sometimes make me forget that I am working out!

3. Jabs by Gina @jabsbygina

Gina and her squad of instructors are truly inspiring people who design their workouts to be challenging and fun! Jabs workouts are primarily over Zoom, but you can find many free IGTV workouts to try one out!

4. Propel Water @propelwater

Propel Water has created an account dedicated to at-home workouts. Propel recruits instructors each week to lead live workouts over Instagram or post IGTV workouts with a variety of formats. These formats include HIIT, yoga, barre, kickboxing, and stretching. If you are still looking for a workout that works best for you, I highly recommend trying some of the saved workouts on Propel’s Instagram.

5. PopSugar Fitness @popsugarfitness

Similarly to Propel, PopSugar Fitness has also been featuring different instructors and formats on their Instagram. Each week, their account posts a week-long schedule of their live workouts, accounting for rest days, making their platform extremely easy to navigate. In addition, PopSugar has a free fitness app, a database for many of these workouts, and other pre-recorded workouts. PopSugar Fitness is also an excellent account to follow for inspirational posts and delicious healthy recipes!

6. Isaac Boots @isaacboots

Isaac Boots is a Broadway dancer that launched a fitness program called “Torch’d” with daily live streamed workouts. Isaac’s workouts feature the BEST music, and his words of encouragement, leaving you feeling incredibly confident (while your body will feel incredibly sore!).


Get sweating!