Evan Lundstrom 2021

Looking for a fun, quirky guy that will spoil you with his gold meal plan? Someone who will make you laugh with his endless supply of nerdy pick-up lines? Well look no further than this week’s Campus Cutie, Evan Lundstrom!


Where are you from?

Mahomet, IL.





Guilty pleasure?

Drinking cranberry juice and playing hallway soccer.


If you were an animal what would you be?

I’d go with a wolverine because I’m vicious but clever.


Favorite throwback song?

September by Earth, Wind & Fire.


If you were a Disney princess who would you be and why?

Most definitely… you see, i haven’t seen many Disney movies…. is Lilo a Disney princess? Like from Lilo and Stitch?


What are you gonna be for Halloween?

A spooky scary skeleton.


Favorite place to shop?

The mall.


Favorite Jonas Brother?



Go to pick-up line?

Girl do you have 11 protons? Cuz you are Sodium fine.


What would your stripper name be?

Probably like…. Candy?


By, Sydney Wasserman