Ethan Dan 2021

Looking for an NJB who will keep you company during your late-night Bachelor in Paradise binges? Want a bud for deep heart-to-hearts and adventures in St. Louis? Well look no further than this week’s campus cutie, Ethan Dan! Not only will this Bethesda, MD Freshman help you edit your instagram, but his abnormally high confidence levels can compensate for ALL of your insecurities!




Favorite song to sing in the shower:

Love Story by Taylor swift, unironically

Biggest pet peeve:

Fake people

Sense of style:


Where you see yourself in 10 years:

GapKids. No I’m just kidding, hopefully working in the front office of a Major League Baseball team.  

Middle School jam:  

Never Say Never by Justin Bieber (“girls like a guy who likes Justin bieber's old stuff and new stuff but not the in between stuff. That's a fact” -Mark Nicholson)

DJ name:  


Guilty Pleasure

I would say Bachelor in Paradise but I don't feel guilty about it

Hannah Montana or Miley:

Neither-- Selena.

BD brunch or Ibby's:

BD brunch, easily

Most embarrassing moment:

I was walking with my middle school crush and I was staring so hard at her that I walked straight into a tree.

Tells us about your Bachelor in Paradise Viewing Club. What was your inspiration:

 You know how some people are introverts and some people are extroverts. Like they get their energy from being with people or alone-- well I'm a bachelorvert: I get my energy through watching the bachelor. What better way to share my natural high with the community than start the club?

Favorite thing about Wash U so far:

The salad bar

Favorite pregame song:  

Secrets by OneRepublic


by: Dahlia Lehman