Entertaining YouTubers

Entertaining YouTubers

Brianna Hines


If you don’t want to pay for a streaming service, Youtube is a great substitute for students looking for entertainment on a budget. I am a dedicated user of the video streaming site, and I haven’t paid for any subscription. Ever. Listed below are my top three favorite YouTube channels for you to check out. All of these channels have ample material to binge a ton of videos if you’ve already watched everything on Netflix or don’t have a Netflix account.



The Try Guys Season 10 Logo.png

The Try Guys

After separating from Buzzfeed in 2018, the four guys that make up The Try Guys (Ned Fulmer, Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang) started their own Youtube channel. Their channel has many different series that appeal to many different audiences, but they all share humor in common. My personal favorites are Eat the Menu, in which Habersberger eats the entire menu from various food chains, and Try Wives Wine Time. Other than series though, they upload videos regularly, their most recent one being a pumpkin carving video in the Halloween spirit. 


Safiya Nygaard

This YouTuber separated from the Buzzfeed Ladylike series in 2017. She specializes in beauty, style, and travel videos. Recently engaged to fellow YouTuber Tyler Williams, Nygaard and Williams are going to be covering some wedding content. They also documented their recent trip to Asia. Nygaard has a lot of videos dedicated to what she has dubbed “bad makeup science” as well as plenty dedicated to her wearing bizarre clothing items in public. 


Dylan Is In Trouble

Compared to the other two channels, Dylan Matthews’ channel is relatively small, with fewer subscribers. However, he’s definitely my favorite one. He posts amazing movie commentary videos as well as other series playing games like Love Island. If you like judging films, his film commentaries are both hilarious and relatable. He’s covered many different kinds of films from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before to Avatar. I highly encourage you to check out his channel!