Emilio Ramos (2014)

You might have spotted this Career Center cover boy’s face featured online for his USA Today graphic design and creative marketing internship this past summer. You might have also seen him gracing the halls of Olin Library. Or maybe you’ve simply admired him sauntering through the Communication Design studio, or eating ice cream outside of the library on a warm day. Wherever he is, though, this week’s campus cutie is quite the catch. All this guy needs is a Domino’s pizza and a place to lounge to play Call of Duty. Don’t miss out on swaggy senior, Emilio Ramos.

Name: Emilio Ramos.

Year: Senior.

Major: Communication Design.

Hometown: Falls Church/McLean, Virginia.

Hobbies: Piano, DC Area Sports (except the Redskins because I've given up on them), finding new music, going to the movies, gaming of course, and sleeping.

Dream Job: Probably a creative director or maybe even a producer for a video game studio. I'm a huge nerd...

Best quality in a girl: The ability to put up with how dorky I am.

Ideal date: Going to a capitals hockey game and then Thomas Sweet Ice Cream in Georgetown.

Favorite middle school band: Creed – it was a dark time.

Pizza toppings: Hot Sauce and chicken from Domino’s.

AIM Handle: Ricosuave413, I used this far longer than I should have.

Spirit Animal: Alaskan Klee Kai, it's the only kind of dog that I've ever liked. They're like mini huskies and they're awesome, while I feel is important for a spirit animal.

Aspirations: Become a famous designer, duh...