Don't Miss These Trader Joe's Items

We all know and love Trader Joe’s. Most are familiar with the classics like their peanut butter cups, their cauliflower gnocchi, or their Everything But the Bagel seasoning. But here are some of the underrated, unique Trader Joe’s items that you do not want to be missing out on.

1. Mochi crackers: Don’t let the name fool you; this is not the chewy, gummy “mochi” you would expect, but rather a crunchy, salty, and honestly, quite addictive, bite. It’s truly unlike anything you’ve had before. Don’t be surprised when you finish the bag in one sitting.

2. Everything But the Elote Seasoning Blend: Instead of making everything taste like a bagel, make any dish taste like well-seasoned corn on the cob with this special blend. You can’t go wrong with any TJ spices and shakers, but try this one to add a little spice to your cooking!

3. Vegan Caesar: Nothing beats a classic Caesar salad and Trader Joe’s does it best with this Vegan Caesar dressing. Don’t let the “vegan” title deter you; this sauce still has that salty, creaminess we all love in a Caesar dressing.

4. Unexpected Cheddar Cheese: The cheese selection at Trader Joe’s is next level. For reasonable prices, you can try anything from aged gouda to a fancy brie. But the Unexpected Cheddar - in block form, slices, or shredded - is the perfect creamy, tangy cheese to add to any salad, soup, pasta, or toast. This cheese will change your life.

5. Sliced French Brioche Bread: This sweet, buttery, fluffy loaf melts in your mouth. It pairs perfectly with soft scrambled eggs or you can turn it into the perfect French toast. Get your hands on this ASAP. Store it in the freezer and take it out slice by slice if you’re not planning to use it all at once.

6. Speculoos Cookie Butter Ice Cream: Trader Joe’s kills the cookie butter game. Their speculoos spread is perfect when eaten out of the jar with a spoon, in their sandwich cookies, and or swirled into this creamy vanilla ice cream.

7. Roasted & Salted Truffle Marcona Almonds: If you’re a fan of truffle, these nuts will be a new favorite. Marcona almonds hail from Spain and they are a bit softer and silkier than the crunchy almonds you may be used to. This salty and savory snack will get you through long study sessions or take any charcuterie board to the next level.

8. Harvest Chili: This soup, like all the TJ soups, is like a hug for the soul and stomach. Nothing beats a low prep, hearty meal like this vegetarian chili.