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After coming home from first semester, students’ bank accounts can be stretched thin and overwhelmed by the thought of purchasing Christmas gifts for all their friends and family members. For this reason, I compiled a list of cute, do-it-yourself gifts that your loved ones will appreciate.

The first idea is a treasured photo transferred onto a piece of wood. All you need for this craft is mod podge, a piece of wood and your image. You will first paint the wood with mod podge, then place the photo on it and let it dry. After it is thoroughly dried, you will get the paper wet and rub it off, leaving the ink on the wood. You have to be very careful not to rub off the ink, but the result is very neat.

Another idea is to make a mix in a mason jar. There are various options, but one of my favorites is peppermint hot chocolate mix in a jar. All you need to put in this is a layer of cocoa powder, powdered milk, and toppings like marshmallows and mints. Then, top off the jar with a ribbon or some decoration, and the gift is complete.

My third idea is a snow globe in a mason jar, which could make for cute house décor. You will turn the mason jar upside down and glue a small Christmas tree to the lid for this gift. Then, you fill the jar with glitter and water, and your DIY snow globe is complete.

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One classic idea is gifting baked goods of some sort. You can find recipes for many holiday-themed snacks like gingerbread fudge, peppermint bark, peppermint oreo truffles, chocolate toffee, and more.

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My final idea is a little more advanced but not impossible. If you have ever been interested in knitting, a chunky blanket will make for a warm gift. All you need is some chunky yarn and to learn how to arm knit, which supposedly takes only an hour. Whoever receives this gift will appreciate the tireless effort put into it.

For more fun ideas, I would check Pinterest, as that is where I got my inspiration.

Sophie is a freshman at Wash U and is studying in the Olin Business School.
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