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Disney Channel Songs You Forgot About, but Need on Your Playlist

Fun fact about me: I can’t drive. There is literally nothing in this world that scares me more than the thought of driving on the highway, and if it’s dark or rainy? Forget it. Luckily, I have an absolutely wonderful roommate who is more than happy to drive me around with her to school, cheer practice, and our friends’ houses. During one of our carpools, my roommate put on a Disney Channel playlist and I realized I had completely forgotten how good some of these throwback songs are. I decided to compile them here in no particular order so that you too can relive your childhood memories and jam out during (in my personal opinion) one of the peak times of pop music. Whether it’s school, friends, or boys that have got you down, these songs should IMMEDIATELY be added to your playlist to lift your spirits.  

Que Sera- Hannah Montana 

Amigas Cheetahs- The Cheetah Girls 

She’s So Gone- Naomi Scott 

Fuego- The Cheetah Girls 

I Wouldn’t Change a Thing- Demi Lovto, Joe Jonas 

Work This Out- High School Musical 2 Cast 

Rock Star- Hannah Montana 

Something About the Sunshine- Starstruck Cast 

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