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Definitive Ranking of Kylie Jenner’s Hair Styles

Kylie Jenner is constantly changing her hair, probably because she has a lot of excess wealth and time to kill. With all her colors/lengths/extensions etc, it’s getting pretty hard to keep track of what we hate and what we love. Fear not, for I have ranked her hair styles from heinous to heavenly as follows:

1. Green


This is definitely the worst. It looks like she had bleached hair and then spent too much time in the Olympic swimming pool with Ryan Lochte.

2. Red


This is also very bad. Kylie, dying your hair with the blood of your enemies is really extra.

3. Teal Ombre


This is okay… The ombre is a little cliche but at least she put a fun twist with the color.

4. Blonde


I have to admit I’m a fan of the blonde. It makes her eyes pop and her brows look fleeky.

5. Dark Brown


My personal favorite, probably because it’s very natural and Kylie looks artificial enough as is without pastel hair. This length is also v cute and she’s killing the middle part.


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