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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wash U chapter.

No matter where you are, who you are, how old you are, or what you’re up to in life, we’ve all got a case of cabin fever–and we have got Covid to thank. It’s a lot of the same. The same people, places, routines, etc. Though life may feel monotonous and not as colorful as it was a year ago,we cannot go crazy waiting for this to be over. Cabin fever is alive and well and we will not let it win. That being said, here are some Covid-friendly cures to stay safe from the virus and combat the fever!



The outdoors still exists. Hold onto aspects of life that haven’t drastically changed from Covid; there are more than you may realize. There’s still grass on the ground, a blue sky above (depending on where you’re reading this from) etc. If you’re like me, walking has been a major pastime while in quarantine. I love being outdoors and breathing the fresh air BUT…I will admit it gets boring after 10 months or so. Spice up your walks! Invite a friend, listen to a podcast, take a new route, challenge yourself to keep your phone in your pocket the whole time! 



Nothing cures cabin fever like getting out of the actual cabin–how revolutionary!? While Covid has locked a lot of us up inside, it has always emphasized the innumerable outdoor possibilities: farmer’s markets, ice skating, picnics, hiking, outdoor dining, drive-in movies to name a few. Everyone’s getting creative–join them!



If you’re anything like me, your FaceTime or call list is fairly exclusive. You’re very in the know about a few people’s lives and you have a general sense of everyone else from perhaps their social media. I challenge you at the start of each week to pick one person, who you haven’t really spoken to in a while, to call (or text…) once that week to “catch up.” Only good comes out of this. After speaking with someone I haven’t spoken to in a while, I feel so much more connected and grounded. It’s important to remind yourself of the large network you have, even if you are really only seeing or speaking to a tiny percentage of it. 



You don’t need a gym to sweat. You can do an at home workout (I recommend), a run, a walk, an outdoor class, etc. Don’t underestimate how crucial moving around is for the mind! Exercise and movement is a surefire way to break free from the sedentary symptoms of cabin fever.  



I am well aware that this is one of those tips you are often told and just, more likely than not, won’t do. So now that we’ve acknowledged that to ourselves, let’s see if we can actually try taking baby steps. We are addicted to our phones, without a doubt. So I’m not even suggesting you go cold turkey and lock your phone away for hours. Let’s start small….really small. Some of us, not pointing fingers, even take our phones to the bathroom with us. Try to break the muscle memory that is so embedded in all of us and leave it in your room the next time you shower. If that’s already part of your routine, let’s up the ante. Challenge yourself to not reach for your phone the second you wake up. Do a body scan, map out your day, open your shades, make your bed, and then, if you’re ready, break the seal. Cabin fever comes with a serious case of a shockingly high screen time.


Protect yourself from the virus and the fever by trying these 5 tips and cures!



Anna is currently a sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis. She majors in Anthropology on the Global Health and Environment track, and minors in Writing.
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