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Copeland McCarter 2019

Hey there friends. This week’s fun campus celeb is none other than… Copeland Mccarter!!!!



Let’s get the classic stuff out of the way:

Major: Poli Sci and American Culture Studies

Hometown: NYC

What does an ideal day look like to you?

Definitely going to the beach.

Something you can’t live without:


What kind of bread though??


Favorite meal:

Rice, beans and guac.

What’s your ~guilty pleasure~?

REALLY bad reality TV.

Pet peeve?

Being able to hear people breathe, I cannot stand it. 

Favorite type of dog


Celeb crush:


OK interesting. Valid, but interesting. Where would you take him on a date if you could?

Hmm… to play with his dogs?

That’s cute. Keeping it PG. I guess that leads me to my next Q: Stay in or go out?

Go out early and leave early, best of both worlds.

Amazing, couldn’t agree more. OK last one, what is something nobody knows about you?

I used to do trapeze and perform.

WOW I really did not see that coming. And there you have it folks. Lil’ Copes OUT.


Washington University in St. Louis - class of 2019 Loves cooking, photography, music, and anything puppy related.
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