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St. Louis weather has finally begun to improve! With better weather comes easier access to outdoor seating and hunger for brunch and coffee. Keep an eye out for these great places if you’re ever craving a walk and some coffee!

Colleen’s Coffee

Colleen’s Coffee is located on Forsyth Blvd – not too far from campus! Their adorable cookies, phenomenal avocado toast, and variety of coffee make this the perfect location for brunch with friends. It’s also a great study spot, should you ever need a break from the DUC.

Colleen’s Coffee: https://www.colleenscookies.com/menus/


I’m sure everyone’s heard of Kaldis – located both on Skinker and Demun. Either way, Kaldi’s is not to be overlooked. They have a variety of outdoor seating, which is perfect for enjoying this most recent weather! Kaldi’s is well known for its avocado toast and house-made pastries. Not to mention their coffee, which is the perfect start to any stressful morning. Plus, if you’re ever in a rush, you can order your food online so that it’s ready by the time you arrive to pick it up.

Kaldis Skinker: https://kaldiscoffee.com/pages/location-kayaks

Kaldis Demun: https://kaldiscoffee.com/pages/location-clayton-demun

Winslow’s Table

Winslow’s table is a bit more of a hike from campus. About 30 minutes (walking) away, it is located on Delmar Blvd. But the walk is entirely worth it; the food at Winslow’s Table is phenomenal. Their blueberry pancakes and farmers’ breakfast platter are the perfect way to start any weekend morning, and their outdoor seating allows you and your friends to enjoy the weather!

Winslow’s Table: https://www.winslowstable.com/s/order/18?location=11ea662983d1f2e7891d54ab3a4df411#18

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