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Campus Celebrity: Jacob Goodman

Name: Jacob Goodman
Hometown: New York City, New York
Birthday: February 23, 1992
Year: 2014
Her Campus: Jacob Goodman, what is your favorite part about yourself?
Jacob Goodman: My favorite part about myself would have to be my dancing.  I dance at a tango club with a few friends every Wednesday downtown.
HC: That sounds interesting, can I come?!
JG: Of course! It’s a great time.
HC: I bet. What do you do when no one’s looking?
JG: Honestly? I pick my nose or a wedgie.  And I listen to Justin Bieber.
HC: So you’re a closet Bieber fan?
JG: You could say that.  But an openly huge sushi fan.
HC: The blog or the food?
JG: Oh, the food, it’s my favorite, by far! I love tuna Toro. Love it! If anyone reading this wants to go out to dinner by the way, just call me. Seriously, I love food.
HC: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?
JG: Sheep’s brain, pig’s heart, pig’s feet.  I like trying new things.

HC: As in new businesses?  I hear you’re an entrepreneur…?
JG: I guess I am.  I am a co-owner of UTrucking, which is a student-owned, student-run business that ships and stores students’ belongings to and from school.  It’s been a huge responsibility and a lot of fun. I’m loving it.  Definitely check out UTrucking.com.  I’ve also recently been involved with a custom apparel business on sixteen campuses around the country called Fresh Prints.  It’s pretty new, but I’m enjoying it so far. 
HC: What inspired you to become a business owner?
JG: My father.  After seeing him own and manage a business, I knew it was something that I wanted to do.  When I was touring colleges and learned about the Student Entrepreneurial Program (StEP), I knew that I needed to come to WashU.
HC: Were you nervous picking up yet another business (Fresh Prints) after you were already an owner of UTrucking?
JG: Even though I have only been an owner for a few months, I've loved the responsibilities that come with being a business owner.  When I got a call from the CEO and Co-founder of Fresh Prints asking me if I would be interested in taking his position as CEO, I was excited to get involved in another company.
HC: What is it you love so much about owning/managing a business?
JG: I love the responsibility and accountability that comes with owning a business.  If the business fails I know it's because I failed, but if we are successful the gratification of seeing my efforts out from beginning to end is an amazing feeling. Beyond the direct control I have over my actions, I finally feel like I found my passion.  Through all of high school I struggled to find what I loved while I saw all my peers around me excel in activities that they were passionate about.  I finally feel like I have found my passion.
HC: And what's some advice you have for future student business owners?
JG: My advice is don't be scared.  The most common concern I get from individuals when I ask them if they want to get involved with UTrucking is, "I'm afraid I won't know what to do and I'm scared that the company will collapse."  If you're afraid of failure, you'll never give yourself the chance to succeed.
HC: That’s great advice. So, as a businessman, would you say Blackberry or iPhone?
JG: Well, I’m not particularly familiar with either contender.  I use a Droid. And I love it, even though people make fun of me for it.  No need to conform.
HC: I also hear that you kill it as AEPi’s DJ every weekend?
JG:Yeah, I don’t know... I love DJing!  I actually just started recording.  I’ve just been playing around with it. I just made an hour-long mix, or mashup; it’s pretty cool.
HC: If I’m at AEPi, will I hear it?
JG: You know, I don’t see you there much!  You must be a Campus Celeb as well.
HC:What can I say?   What’s something you want your growing fan club to know about you?
JG:  I’m just an average, city kid trying to tough it in the wild.
HC:Are you enjoying life in the "wild?"
JG:Yeah, loving it.  I actually used to be on Wild.  Well, team 31.  I recently stepped down, but I had a great time helping organize this past Wild.
HC: Wow- I hear you have a girlfriend too! How do you juggle so many commitments?
JG: Well, you could say that...  I’ve been seeing someone on a consistent basis. Hold on- I thought this was a celebrity interview!  We can’t be leaking precious information.  My publicist would just kill me. But really, sometimes I juggle everything pretty poorly. Maybe I should start seeing you as a life coach?
HC: I’m flattered.
JG: Can I interview you now?
HC: Sure!
JG: Define yourself in one word.
HC: Hungry.
JG: Wanna eat after this?

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