Buzzfeed Quizzes to Take When You're Bored

1. Everyone Is Either A Chocolate Chip Or An Oatmeal Raisin Cookie — Which One Are You?

Are you the good one or the bad one?



2. Go On "Bachelor In Paradise" And We'll Reveal How You'd Do On The Show

I know you're curious...

3. Build Your Life At PCA And We'll Tell You If You'd Make The Dean's List​

For a little throwback action

4. Everyone Has A Milo Ventimiglia Character They're Destined To Be With — Here's Yours

Who doesn't want to be with Milo Ventimiglia?

5. It's Time To Find Out Which Musical Fandom You Truly Belong In

For the theater geek in everyone

6. Which Kind Of Pretzel Are You?

Warning: You'll be craving pretzels after this quiz

7. Will You Be A Millionaire, Billionaire, Or Trillionaire?

Obviously, we're all going to be rich. Super plausible.

8. This iPhone App Logo Quiz Is Impossible Unless You Have A Photographic Memory

Are you up for the challenge?

9. What Dream Job Should You Actually Be Pursuing Right Now?

Obviously a quiz can determine your future.

10. Do You Know Which Movies Were Based On Books?

Test your pop culture knowledge.

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