Brian and Cole 2019


B: Brian Andrewjeski (pictured on left)

C: Cole Goldklang (pictured on right)


B: We are both 18… freshmen.


B: 6’1… on a good day.

C: 5’9,” but 5’11” with heels.


C: San Diego, California.

B: Mendham, New Jersey.


C: Mechanical engineering.

B: Arts and sciences but I want to be original so I am thinking of switching to the b school.

Campus involvement?

C: We are both on the football team.

B: Um, I was also asked to model for Armour.

How did you guys meet?

C: Our friends introduced us to each other and we hit it off right away.

B: I knew he had to be my roommate when I saw him hit the whip for the first time.

What’s your typical morning together?

C: We wake up to the sound of 9 to 5  by Dolly Parton then we shower…

B:  Make sure they know it’s not together.

C: Then we get ready and whatnot, strap on our backpacks and give each other our daily morning high fives and walk our separate ways.

What’s your favorite activity to do together?

C: Giving each other high fives.

B: And dancing in our room… And pillowtalk at night.

Brian, what is Cole’s best quality?

B: His ability to impersonate anybody...and his dance moves.

Cole, what is Brian’s best quality?

C: Besides his big butt, he is always a great person to talk to.

What do you each look for in a girl?

B: A girl with a good personality.

C: A female version of Brian.

And what is a relationship deal breaker?

B: A girl who I can’t harmonize with.  

C: A girl who is not good with my family. I hate when a girl is not good with my family.

Favorite movie?

Both: The Love Guru

Celeb crush?

Both: Mariska Hargitay from The Love Guru

Do you know each other's favorite foods?

B: Cole loves Nature Food Bars.

C: No. They are called PERFECT Food Bars.

Cole, do you know Brian’s favorite place on Earth?

C: Buffalo, NY. That was an easy one.

Any embarrassing or funny stories together?

C: Yes. Come ask us in person.

B: Yeah, that can be its own article.