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Best Vegan Meals at WashU

Being a vegan in college can be pretty hard – some people are so discouraged by the lack of options that they change their diet all together. However, this isn’t necessary! There’s an incredible amount of great vegan meals and snacks available all around Wash U’s campus- Below are a few of the best ones I’ve discovered so far, with many more to hopefully come! 

  • If you’re looking for a perfect lunch, the DeliciOSO station in The DUC has a ton of perfect vegan options- grilled veggies, chickpeas, beans, rice, a ton of vegan salsas and toppings, and of course guac

  • All the bagels at Cafe Bergson and Cherry Tree are vegan!

  • You can order a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich at Cherry Tree- they also have them prepackaged and ready to buy all around campus

  • At Cafe Bergson, all the jamba juice options are non-dairy!

  • Another good lunch place to stop at is the 1853 Diner in the DUC- they have awesome veggie sides (especially the brussels sprouts) and delicious fries

  • There’s almost always a vegan soup available

  • Whisper’s Cafe has a new vegan coffee called the vegan mocha blast, and there’s also non-dairy milks available at every cafe on campus

  • Keep an eye out for vegan desserts at Whispers, Cherry Tree and Cafe Bergson- they have them every week or two!

  • They sell really good vegan cookies from Alternative Baking Company at the campus bookstore in a ton of different flavors

  • Sometimes, they sell hummus at the Village

  • This goes without saying, but you can find a ton of great vegan options pretty much at any station on campus- stir fry and pasta are always great options, and if you want something healthier, there’s fruit, veggies and vegan snacks all over if you look

Good luck!

By Ella Faust



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